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Streamable Files

In the table below you can find the files supported by streaming. Make sure the file has the correct extension before uploading.

ExtensionAssociated service
wmvWindows media
asfWindows media
wmaWindows media
mp3Windows media Wowza Media Server
jpgWindows media
wavWindows media
movWowza Media Server
mp4Wowza Media Server
m4a aacWowza Media Server
mp4vWowza Media Server
3gpWowza Media Server
3g2Wowza Media Server
flvWowza Media Server
f4vWowza Media Server
m4vWowza Media Server
smilWowza Media Server
ismMicrosoft Smooth Streaming
ismaMicrosoft Smooth Streaming
ismvMicrosoft Smooth Streaming
ismxMicrosoft Smooth Streaming
ismlMicrosoft Smooth Streaming