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Welcome to the PrivacyPlayer

Hi developer, Welcome to the Privacy Player documentation. Hope you like it, drop us a line if you think we can improve anything. Privacy Player does not contain any trackers, it protects the privacy of your audience. It is important to know a few things.

There are several editions of the player:


Privacy Player is a great all-round HTML5 full HD video player and comes with many features such as adaptive HLS streaming, great support for all popular browsers and mobile devices, picture in picture, Chromecast, Airplay, poster images, subtitles and multiple audio tracks. This basic player lacks interactivity, branding and several other pro features.

This version of the player is bundled for free with all Jet-Stream accounts, with unlimited views.

PrivacyPlayer Pro

The Pro player does everything that the basic player does, and adds pro features such as two-way interactivity and dynamic branding. For instance, you can read the video timecodes and change website context or control the player. You can add overlays to the player as well. The Pro version supports 4K and 8K and 360° VR streaming and comes with advertisement management and an integrated recommendation engine.

This version of the player is available as an upgrade for all Jet-Stream accounts.

PrivacyPlayer Enterprise

Can do all the above, and adds the ability to load videos and live streams from other sources than the Jet-Stream Platform. Contact us for licensing.