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Lost credentials

In case you lost your user name and/or password or your password was compromised, you may request a new password.

If you only lost your user name and/or password you don't have to request a new password, but instead you could ask a different user of the same account to login and email your credentials. The user can achieve this by going to Users, finding your user name in the list and selecting Send user login information from the Options menu.

If this not an option for you, then you can use the 'Lost password?' link on the bottom of the login page of VDO-X. You will be presented with a form where you need to enter either

  • your user name
  • your account name with the associated email address

Upon selecting Send the first of two emails will be sent to the email address that was registered with the user name. This email contains a reset link which you should open in your favourite browser either by clicking or by copying the link. This link is valid for three days. When you click on this link a new e-mail will be send with new credentials.