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You can access your statistics by going to the account stats dashboard, this is found on the landing page of your account. you can easily return to it from anywhere by clicking on the Jet-Stream logo in the top-left corner.

Realtime statistics#


  1. in the top-left graph the number of unique vistitors per day is shown.
  2. in the top-right graph you can see the traffic per day, in GB.
  3. the first graph on the second row displays the average whatchtime per visitor, in minutes.
  4. the second diagram on the second row displays which files were the most popular.
  5. the single diagram on the third row displays which livestreams are the most popular(not visible in the screenshot)

Historic statistics#

To access your historical statistics click on the analytics link, this will bring you to a Piwik page. you can find your credentials under the api menu if you do not know them. A window will open which asks for the credentials we found earlier. Now you can see all your statistics of the given month.


404 Errors#

You can access 404 errors by clicking on the link on the statistics tab. You will see the 404 errors of the last 30 minutes. An 404 error will happen when the resource cannot be accessed. Below you find some scenarios when a 404 error will happen: The asset doesn't exist (typos included) The requested file is locked and the token received by the Rediraptor is not correct. Please check the code on your website that generates the token. The requested file is geo-locked to certain countries and the request does not originate from one of the permitted countries. The requested file is not processed yet.