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Logging in to VDO-X

This manual is intended for account and content holders as well as broadcasters using the Jet- Stream CDN. Please let us know if you have any feedback. If you have any questions you can contact your resellers support department. VDO-X can be controlled with the web interface and with our SOAP API. Both methods provide the same functionality. This manual focuses on the web interface. The SOAP API is described in a separate document which you can download on the API page of VDO-X. You require a username and password to log in, which you should have received by email. Note that it is not possible to change your username or password. Upon navigating to the VDO-X web interface URL listed in the email along with your username and password, you should see the following login screen.


Enter your credentials first, after this please click on Login. It is possible to remember your login details, the details will be remembered for 30 days after your last visit. If you lost your credentials please see the following chapter: Lost credentials, under More.