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PrivacyPlayer Supported formats


HLSFully supported
DashNot supported yet
WebdavNeeds custom implementation
IcecastFully supported
RTMPFully supported

HLS is the widely used standard in the streaming industry, And gives the best results.

Video on demand#

MP4(h264)Widely supported and the best choice for VoD
MP4(HVAC)Very little browser support
OggGood support from browsers but not supported on IOS
MOVNo support
WebMSupported on newer systems and browsers
AVINot supported by browsers


If you have content in a unusual or not widely supported format the best option is transcoding.


FFmpeg is an open source command line tool with a small footprint that can transcode all modern formats. There website can be found here

$ ffmpeg -i input.avi output.mp4

Using this command you can simply transcode all content to mp4 locally.

Video editors#

Another option is to transcode with a video editor or player, these usually have a build in transcoding engine.

VLC is a good free option that makes it possible to save the opened content under a different format.